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Thread: Ok so whos working tonite and on New Year?

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    Default Ok so whos working tonite and on New Year?

    As usual, in a job thats 24/7 and u only have vacation when others are not.....its got to be me!!!

    And while we are bitching about it, can someone please tell me my PS2, after I crop my photo and I tried to type in the text, it becomes really small and even after I put to font size 1296 (which is the max) , it appears but really small. Never happened to my PS before...

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    Default Re: Ok so whos working tonite and on New Year?

    I am no photoshop expert, but i played around with an image, its resolution, cropped it and did some other funny things - just in an attempt to see if i encounter a situation like you did.

    for me it worked in all situations.

    my only advice would be that you post your query in one of those photoshop forums as that's where the gurus reside

    some questions that the guys would normally ask :
    1. is it happening with only one image or all images ?
    2. what is the size of the cropped area of your image ?
    3. what is the resolution of the image ?
    4. what is the font color you are using ?
    5. did you install a patch or an upgrade after which you started facing this problem ?

    maybe some screen dumps of your image where you face this problem would also help in identifying the root cause.
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