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    Hi All,

    Would like to have the advice of fellow Csers on how to improve the shoot of a Chinese Scroll. I tried some shots but must say that all are quite poorly done but have run out of idea how to improve. I attached a shot of a Rolled Up, shot was taken at home, light from window. Exif: Av 2.0, TV 1/200, 50mm F1.8 lens, ISO 400, WB Auto.

    Thanks in advcane for all the advice.


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    Default Re: How to shoot Scroll

    maybe can unroll and shoot it at low angle?

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    Sorry for the thumbnail link. Here is the pic

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    Thanks Redsun,

    Do you mean low angle from right to left or top to bottom?
    I did tried right to left, the perspective kind of "no right" and the tone of the scroll is uneven. The scroll is 70cm long. should I use large aperture so to be in focus for all the words?


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