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Thread: Passions Magazine International Fashion Photography Contest 2008

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    Default Passions Magazine International Fashion Photography Contest 2008

    PASSIONS mag Fashion Photography Contest

    A year long event staring Jan 2008.

    A team must be assemble consisting of the following to enter the contest:
    A Photographer
    Fashion Designer
    Make-up Artist
    Hair Designer

    First Prize RM 10,000;
    Second Prize RM6,000;
    Third Prize RM4,000;

    for more info/terms and conditions, please contact PASSIONS:
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    Default Re: Passions Magazine International Fashion Photography Contest 2008

    From Passions, if you have any further enquiries, do feel free to email them. They are a bunch of very nice people

    The PASSIONS International Fashion Photography Competition

    General Information

    PASSIONS will be organizing the first PASSIONS International Fashion Photography Competition in 2008. The competition aims to
    nourish the local and regional fashion industry through the art of photography.

    The PASSIONS International Fashion Photography Competition will be a year-long event starting in January 2008. Selected
    photographs submitted by the participating teams will be published in PASSIONS magazine throughout 2008.

    It is a team event whereby each participating team must consist of a photographer, fashion designer, make-up artist and hair designer.
    Those teams that get selected to have their photos published in PASSIONS will automatically qualify for the final rounds where their
    works will be judged by a panel of renowned photographers and fashion gurus.

    The winners of The PASSIONS International Fashion Photography Competition will be announced in the PASSIONS Ball 2008 that
    will be held in November 2008. All the photographs that were selected and published in PASSIONS issues throughout 2008 will be
    blown-up and displayed during the PASSIONS Ball 2008.

    The cash prizes for the winning teams are RM10,000 for the first prize, RM6,000 for the second prize and RM4,000 for the third prize.
    The winning photographs will also be submitted to international fashion photo galleries and image banks.

    Participation Conditions for PASSIONS International Fashion Photography Competition

    * The competition is a team event that involves 4 individuals or parties
    - A photographer
    - A fashion designer
    - A hair stylist
    - A make-up artist

    * The participating team must work together on 1 or more models, dressing up the model(s), making-up the model(s), and
    styling the hair of the model(s), and finally capturing their work on photographs using various photography techniques to bring
    out the work that the team of fashion designer, hair stylist and make-up artist have done on the model(s).

    * Each team must submit a minimum of 20 photographs in high resolution digital format for the judging purposes. The team members
    must select the 20 photographs from among the many that they would have taken.

    * To participate, teams need not fill-up any application forms to pre-qualify for the competition. You only need to submit your work,
    along with the names and photos of each of your team member. This is because the teams will not be judged on each members merit
    in their respective careers but instead on the quality of the final work produced as a team.

    * These photos as their entry for the competition no later than 15th March for the 1st quarter submission, 15th June for the 2nd quarter
    submission, and 15th September for the 3rd quarter submission.

    * The publishers of PASSIONS will select a minimum of 5 photographs of the 20 submitted by each team. The published photographs will
    be judged by PASSIONS’ readers, PASSIONS’ official photographers, and the editorial team of PASSIONS

    * The winning submission for each quarter will be announced in PASSIONS magazine. All three winners (one for each quarter) will vie for
    the position of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners to bag RM10000, RM6000 and RM4000 respectively.

    * The prize giving ceremony will be held during the PASSIONS Ball 2008 in late October or November 2008. The prize giving ceremony
    and a coverage of the winning team will appear in the December 2008 issue of PASSIONS.

    Please let us know if you are keen to participate, and we will follow-up with you periodically to assist you in any way necessary for you and your
    team to prepare to win.

    PASSIONS is published by

    No 10-3A, Jalan PJU 8/3,
    Damansara Perdana,
    47320 Petaling Jaya,
    Tel: 03-77294886
    Email: /

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    Default Re: Passions Magazine International Fashion Photography Contest 2008

    Attached the website of the magazine, so everyone will have a idea what the magazine is about.

    Good luck guys


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