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Thread: Why so many types digicams?

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    Default Why so many types digicams?

    I don't understand, why all the digicam makers have so many similar digicams in production at the same time?

    For eg, what's the diff between the same generation of Canon's G,A and S series?

    Unlike DSLRs, why can't they produce a all-in-one and one-for-all digicam since the digicam's features are pretty standard.

    Then again, why can't DSLRs have interchangable sensors?
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    as for canon:

    G-series - prosumer series
    S-series - near prosumer, compact series
    A-series - beginner series

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    Worn't it make better business sense to consolidate into a single product line? Wouldn't this save on R&D and production cost?

    They could have designed a relatively compact prosumer digicam and allow add-on expansion kit for those who want more features... ie upgrade buffer size, change CCD... etc Juz like a PC. In fact, this will allow faster adoption of their brand. First buy cheap, cheap cuz only basic setup.

    Lesson should be learnt from IBM/MAC history.. Open standard is the way to go. I can imagine a 512MB RAM and a Centrino equivilant updrage inside a CP5700..hahaha
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    do a marketing course and find out why. do realize that there are many segments in the market. most of us have different needs and ability to pay. the whole product range is to ensure that the whole market is covered.

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    Key word is product differentiation.

    You can't possibly think that everyone has the same needs and preferences do you?

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    I can't imagine if Macdonalds only sell Hamburgers.

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    I thought something on market segmentation... but doing similar comparision to the PC market.

    The core technology is constantly evolving, independent of it's segmentation. In such case the segmentation comes in the form of PC, laptop, handheld. While performing similar function, their main segmentation strategy is mobility, at a cost (not just $$$ but also size, performance, function..etc).

    But I don't see such distinction in the digicam market...cuz if you can use one, there is no diff in using another.

    Looking from the manufacturing point of view, the cost for for R&D and not forgetting designing and marketing a seperate product. Then also there is a setting for the production line and logistic cost.

    Also you have to consider the product life-span in view of the setup cost. The planned breakeven point and the actual breakeven point in view of market competition.
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    Originally posted by togu
    I can't imagine if Macdonalds only sell Hamburgers.
    No fair comparision!!

    Their market segment is fast food. Not hambugers.
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    many types coz its all to con consumers

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    I quote "If you have a dollar and a dream - there will always be some one there to use that dream - to take your dollar!" -Bill Brent

    But that is not the point here.

    I tot it didn't make sense to run so many different products for such short life products.

    And when are they going to learn from PC industry that once similar product saturate the market, it's accessories and "minor" upgrade that are "cash cows" not a new line of product.
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