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Thread: batch automation and saving

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    Default batch automation and saving

    hi, i'm having problems with certain batch automations on photoshop 7. for certain actions, everything goes fine, but for others, after executing the action for each file, the save dialog pops up every single time, which makes things really inefficient.
    i'm not checking the "override action "save as" command" for i don't include saving in my actions. also, under "destination", i choose folder.
    someone please help! this is frustrating!

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    Default Re: batch automation and saving

    maybe you could list what goes on in the action in question... its components

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    Default Re: batch automation and saving

    eg. 1 watermarking

    make text layer
    set current text layer
    make fill layer
    select mask channel
    rasterize current layer
    move current layer
    select layer "copyright..."
    rasterize current layer
    select layer "shape 1"
    merge layers
    set current layer
    set current layer
    set current layer
    gaussian blur
    set file info of current doc
    flatten image

    (basically, it's just creating a text and custom shape for the watermark, embossing it, changing blending mode to hard light, blurring, setting file info, and flattening.)

    eg. 2
    rotate first document

    (changing setting vertical shots vertical)

    for both egs, the save dialog pops up.

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    don't see any obvious problems... what you could try is to add a step where you save the file into the action and see if that is a possible workaround... don't have version 7 installed so can't test on my side...


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