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    I know its a little too saturated and needs a more crop and the tiger looking at me would be nicer....
    Looking at the overall image, looking for comments on what u think is wrong with this photo.

    I tried bouncing my flash and it broke into 2 pieces... :bheart:
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    Actually I think it is too tight the way it is. More room needed for the tiger to breathe, and not to chop off its fronts paws. But on the other hand, if the paws were already chopped at capture, then go in all the way for a real tight crop and focusing just on the head.

    Then I think you also have too much depth of field. I dunno whats your f#, but if you can isolate just the head from the body with a thin focal plane, it will make the head pop out and gives a 3D feel. And this will be especially useful since the light is so flat and you cannot discern dimensionality in the picture at all.

    The selective colorisation is a good idea: gives a Chinese painting feel about it, but you need more background to really make this idea work, I think.

    And finally are the tiger's eyes really blue?

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    i think apart form the blue eyed....whats with the lines at its front two arm and its nose area??

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    Yea ur right, I should have givin it less depth, I presume thats photoshopable?

    Hmm the lines are as u guessed reflection, from a glass, so I could get a nice close shot without being eaten! I was afraid to touch that as there was too much detail there to clone out or heal... what can i do?

    About the eyes, i leave ur common sense to answer that question

    Jokin la, the eyes were yellow but it didn't really stand out from the fur, so i changed the color. Not cheating right?
    I tried bouncing my flash and it broke into 2 pieces... :bheart:
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