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Thread: tax equalization n china income tax (pls help)

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    Default tax equalization n china income tax (pls help)

    Hi, anyone knows what tax equalization in simple term means?

    I'm now working in china and will not have to pay income tax at singa side. And since i'm working in china, i'll have to pay china income tax only after 183days when working in china. I would like to ask what is the tax % that china will tax me? Cos for my co., the HR gave me lame reasons like singa is one of the four little dragons and cos singa is more affluent than HK, malaysia and taiwan, therefore we are taxed 3.5times more than the three nationals i've mentioned above.

    They even mentioned that we stayed in an apartment provided by the co. So tax higher. In actual fact, one of my singa frenz satyed in the same apartment w a HK-er n malaysian.

    When my singa colleague made his stand that HK is almost the same as singa, the HR said tt HK is part of china. And it's a taiwanese coy. So we are taxed higher than the rest of our peers. I dont think there's a proper system or any concrete justification and stand as to how much we shd be paying. For those who r working in IRAS or know abt tax system in singa or overseas, pls enlighten me and help me out.

    Thank u.

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    Default Re: tax equalization n china income tax (pls help)

    Please check out the overseasingapore website that will help on China tax. By the way, I am quite surprise that you did not settle this tax issue before you take up the assignment at China.
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