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Thread: Spyder3.. Need Help

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    Default Spyder3.. Need Help

    Hi ppl..

    Anyone is using the new Spyder3 ? Having used the Spyder2Pro previously, I'm having some problem with the new one.

    Install and calibrated my display but the problem is everytime after I reboot, the color profile don't re-load itself to the calibrated value.. Spyder2Pro does it at startup.. Software bug or I did it wrongly.. hmm..

    Plz help.


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    Hi Sir

    1. Are you using ATI Graphic cards? If you are, it may be due to the Catalyst Control Center (CCC). For me, I had to uninstall CCC to solve this problem. This issue have been discussed before, and I took the advise from a fellow clubsnapper and uninstalled CCC on my computer.

    2. I would also like to learn from your experience, how do you find the Spyder 3? Any significant difference from version 2?

    With thanks


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