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Thread: Do you like taking photos as a group/single

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    I like to hv a company or two, I believe in buddy system….in case u need assistance.

    Also believe in learning and sharing....

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    I like taking photos as a group because without others, I can't show that my photos are more superior than others.

    You know, it's kinda boring at the top sometimes..

    No guilt, no shame, just me. Flame me if you like.

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    Originally posted by GreenEggs_n_Ham
    groups too pressurising..
    (esp those with cameras that are ^3kg )
    I tend to like to bring the cheapest possible camera out when in the presence of the F5/EOS1-RS guys. Disposable cameras will do fine, thank-you.

    But most of the time, I definitely shoot alone.

    I need time to think. I very slow, one. And if the other person is impatient, we're going to ruin each other's day. Don't want to be each other's "ball and chain".

    Unless of course, she's a chiobu.
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    i think taking photos with one or two friends is good. if the group is too big it becomes difficult to handle, disagreements, he wanna go there, she wanna stay around etc etc ... but with one or two friends you can exchange pointers and at the same time enjoy yourselves

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