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Many students forget that the main purpose of going to a business school is to network, to build up connections that will be important later on in life. Nowadays where the best of every cohort goes overseas, either on government or parent scholarships, what kind of connections can you make in NUS/NTU/SMU?

Forget about studying business locally. Better to work for a few years, earn some money, gain some real life experience, and then apply to INSEAD or Chicago.
Good point.

Undergraduate biz school is very much a primer for thinking and looking at things (when you come out to work) from a slightly biz-minded angle. So NUS/NTU/SMU/SIM/whatever really makes litle difference.

But the best of every cohort does not always go overseas. Unless you are reasoning on those President's Scholars. That's like 2-3 a year, or 0.05% (or less) of the cohort. Personal experience with PSC/Merit/Police scholars (have mentored a few) is that they are like you and me. Nothing special, save for being lucky enough to get the scholarship and having a cushy start to career. In fact many do not fare so well and leave once their bond is up.

I did my undergraduate (read "first") degree at NUS, SBEM (now is SBRE). Worked for 2.5 years travelling regularly up Indochina. Then did my second at NTU, with a short study stint to South America. All whilst working and with my company (Civil Service) sending me for overseas trips to US and NZ. Will not brag about "connections" here.

End of the day, its the YOU that counts. I've had a scholar (A's for everything) struck silent in a reception cuz he was too shy ... .....