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i shoot most often in aperture priority ( i set aperture, the camera finds the corrosponding shutter to match).

actually, its almost exactly like manual, except in manual, u need to find the corrosponding shutter and aperture yourself.

i shoot shutter priority when the chosen shutter will give the desirable effect. but this only applies to v slow shutter, cus the lens will stop down to a small aperture (every lens ve F16 or 22. but not all ve F2.8 or faster. my kit lens is only 5.6).

if i need very high shutter, i jus shoot aperture priority, using the biggest (or 2nd biggest aperture available on my lens). cus no point using shutter priority, cus the lens may not ve a big enough aperture to match my choosen shutter.
this is exactly how i shoot! although i shoot on P mode sometimes, my P mode is set to auto everything (iso, WB etc)