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Thread: The new Spyder 3 or Eye One Display 2?

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    Default The new Spyder 3 or Eye One Display 2?

    Hi all

    Recently, Datacolor/Colorvision released the new Spyder 3. According to the company, the light senstivity has been increased to 400% + it enables precise calibration of the newer LED backlighted LCD displays.

    * Spyder3 increases light sensitivity 400%. It also features the largest screen sample area or aperture in the industry resulting in improved accuracy on LCD screens and a faster calibration time.

    ** New Support for Next Generation Displays
    Patented Spyder3 optical design and color engine enable precise calibration and profiling of the latest in wide gamut, LED backlight and AdobeRGB displays.

    If you would to make a purchase now, will you go for the new Spyder 3, or would you prefer the Eye One Display 2 instead? I was wondering, are these "400% greater light sensitivity + specially designed for calibrating LED backlighted LCDs" mere marketing gimmicks , or do they really matter in practice? Is the Eye One Display 2 inferior when used to calibrate LED backligted LCDs?

    (Given the competition from the new Spyder 3, I wonder if X-rite may soon be introducing a newer version - Eye One Display 3 in the near future.)

    I hope to hear you advice on which calibrator is a better choice, or should we just wait for the next i1 Display 3 to arrive.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: The new Spyder 3 or Eye One Display 2?

    personally, I think that they are all (including the Spyder 2) pretty capable... and I think that having the perserverance to reprofile the monitor regularly is more important than getting the latest and greatest...

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    Default Re: The new Spyder 3 or Eye One Display 2?

    Thanks Sir

    I appreciate your wise advise. By the way, I learned that Eye One Display 3 will be available (hopefully soon). I guess X-rite already has plans to counter the competition from Data Color's Spyder 3. Good for all consumers.


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