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Thread: Outing - Hortpark [26 Dec 2007]

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    Default Outing - Hortpark [26 Dec 2007]

    Outing Details

    Date: 26th December 2007 (Wednesday)
    Shooting Venue: Hortpark
    Duration: 8.15am - 11.00am
    Meeting Place: Hortpark (Refer to attached map)
    Meeting Time: 8.15am
    Things to Shoot: Macro and Landscapes
    Things to Bring: Camera equipment, tripod/monopod (optional but good for long exposures), wet weather protection, insect repellent and anything else.
    Attire: Casual wear (shorts will be a good idea as it will be hot) and good/comfortable footwear.

    Participation is Free.

    Outing is subject to weather.

    For all who are keen, please add your nickname here and PM Klose with your name,contact number and email address.

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    Default Re: Outing - Hortpark [26 Dec 2007]

    4 photographers in the list. Any more?

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    Next outing coming soon

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    im interested.

    make it on a good weekend day. prolly next sunday early morning.


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