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Thread: Yashica Minister III Rangefinder help

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    Default Yashica Minister III Rangefinder help

    Just yesterday i bought a Yashica Minister III off someone else. Being a complete greenie to photography. Help from the experienced is very much needed

    alrighty so back to earth,
    is it normal for the yellow tunnel square to be so faint? in certain lighting conditions , i can't seem to see the dim square focusing point very well. Is this normal? Would it be possible to replace the yellow square?

    lastly , what does the exposure ring actually do? Its not the aperture setting right?
    and my guess is that the selenium slugs/cells are dead after living a healthy 20+ years. Are there any methods of reviving those dead things?


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    Default Re: Yashica Minister III Rangefinder help

    for you

    the selenium cell is dead. 20 years.

    the reading given by the needle shows the exposure value.
    You then turn the ring on the lens to match the same exposure value.

    The exposure value is a number which is a combination of the shutter speed and aperture.

    e.g. 1/250 f5.6 has same exposure value as 1/125 f8


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