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    Hi, I'm new to photography, so pardon my inane questions. How is printing in a shop done? Do you bring your memory card, a dvd or a cd? If it's the latter two, do you have to change the ppi on ps? Do shops normally provide the service of copying files from your memory card to a dvd/cd? What are the normal charges per photo for photos of different sizes? Which shops are recommended? Sorry for these very noobish questions. Thanks!

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    I guess you really have to walk around those neighbourhood shops to see what they've got to offer. You can bring all 3 types, memory cards, CD or DVD. There're PC at the shop for you to load. Select to photos you want to print. The shop will do all the adjustments for you. You just have to pay.
    For copying of pics from memory cards to CDs, pls ask the shop staff if they do. I can't tell you which shop and prices as i don't print there at the moment.


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