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Thread: Advise needed for lens specification

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    Default Advise needed for lens specification

    Always wanted to start photography as a serious hobby finally has the time and $$ to do so.
    By the way can any photo-master-guru out there recommend any good web site where i can read more about those DSLR Lens and which one to use for different occasion

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    there may be a lot of recommendations and most will sound alike...
    ...but it really depends on your own taste and inner vision : eg for me i like to shoot portraits at 400mm and to me, 28mm is wide enough for every scene

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    I guess he wants to know wat are those IF, AS, AF, USM thingy on the lenses. what do they mean.

    the lenses only have a fixed aperture right?

    can someone kindly explain.
    I would like to know too..


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    For those len etc,
    a Canon 70-200/2.8L IS USM

    1. By Canon (hehheee of cos lah)
    2. Range 70mm-200mm
    3. The L.....(Lousy.....) dunno what it stand for
    4. IS - Image Stablisation
    5. USM - Ultra sonic motor

    diff brands uses diff meaning. for Canon, look over
    here for more info

    There is oso some explaining of the common term uses in photography... like DOF, Flare, Hyperfocal distance etc etc....
    take a look
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    go library lah.....

    or try




    theres tons more out there on the web....

    at the end of the day, ask yourself what you want to shoot....theoretically you could buy everything from a fisheye to a 1200mm L, but what do you love to shoot?

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    like to shoot landscape and buildings
    thanx hobbes234 for clarifying

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    thanks bluestrike the canon website u recommend is excellent
    Btw I am a canon supporter


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