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Thread: Memory Management - CF cards

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    how much battery life would it have for u to last. okie give it 2hours. i would take 34gb anytime, then use a wifi phone to surf, and chat.
    well thats me.. lol

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    I'm back from Hong Kong..

    Give a Kohjinsha field test report :

    The wireless is great, but ram is not. I can't do anything else while transferring photos, and the transferring takes almost 15-20 mins (maybe it's just my model).

    That said i didn't bring the laptop out much but if i did it would be just deadweight. The problem here is that KJS is running windows, and for that you have to download a RAW viewer. The ram is so low that viewing raw files takes ages per photo. I might've just brought my 17 inch and left it at home with a much faster transfer rate and i'm able to edit and view photos.

    So right now, both the Epson P-5000 and more CF cards win.
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    For me personally, buying a personal/mobile storage device is moot. Because I still can't trust a device which is essentially a HDD with moving parts, and once you dump your images from CF into it, it'll be like putting all your eggs into one basket. Makes me nervous. And if I were in that situation, I still would not re-use the CF cards on the spot.

    (But maybe the personal storage device will be back-up in event of CF card failure?)

    At the moment, I label my CF cards and place them in a solid plastic CF card case labelled "NEW". Buy several cards, and every 100 or so images, change card, and keep in another card case labelled "FULL".

    And of course, I will keep my CF card cases close to my body by way of a neoprene pouch.
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    More CF cards does it for me, synapseman's approach sounds good. I use a similar approach where I label my CFs (as in 1, 2, 3..) and use them in order. You can easily buy an additional CF anywhere you travel. I seldom do file management in-camera, prefer to load the pics on my screen at home, but I occasionally delete shots that I know are beyond hope. Dont believe in external devices.. they go obsolete too quickly.

    Alternative (more expensive approach ) is to change to D300. Its 3inch LCD will help in pixel peeping!

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