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Thread: Exhibition Space for Photography

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    Smile Exhibition Space for Photography

    Hi Everyone,

    I think this might be the right place to post this thread.
    Please do help to answer some of these question, as I trying to survey the situation in Singapore. Thank you very much.

    1) As a photographer, would you like your work to be exhibited?
    2) Do you think there are enough spaces and opportunities for photographers to showcase their works and talents in Singapore?
    3) Do you know of any place or gallery where you can show case your photography works?
    If yes, where & how much did you pay for it?

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    Lightbulb Re: Exhibition Space for Photography

    Interesting mix of survey replies that I have received in last 2 days.

    Established photographer - willing to pay for exhibition venue & commission rental
    Emerging photographer - willing to accept commission cut and minimum venue rental
    Amateur - not willing to pay for rent and hesitate on commission cut , and on top of it some does not have enough quality work to fill a wall space.

    Underlying is most photographers are not prepared to sell their works as art.
    There is difference between selling an end "product" as art as compared to sell as "image".... It seems to be either lack of the knowledge, lack of time, lack of committment etc....

    What do you think? Have you been through any of the situations above?


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