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    Wonder you guys used any portable storage devices during travel.

    Have been using the Archos Gmini 500 during my D70 days but it has became awfully slow when using with the D300 (bigger file sizes, bigger capacity cards).

    Any one would you guys recommend? Able to display "RAW" files would be good but not a must. But prefer it to be able to synchronize rather than copy... so that can do backup anytime rather then until the card is filled.

    Appreciate your comments.

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    I saw a device in the Comex exhibition that can link up two USB devices without a PC. Seems like a good way to transfer files from camera via USB or card reader to a USB 2.5" hard disk. But I didn't buy the item.

    Wonder if it works.

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    Default Re: Portable Storage - Travel

    i got a epson p-3000. can pop in both SD and CF cards... can read raw formats... screen is really good never regrat getting it. transfer speed is relatively fast as well.also can play lots of movie formats ie divx... read

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    try checkin out the mini pc konishiya or something
    its priced around the EPSON or Canon storage but yet can do everything
    a pc does..........sounds like a great solution if you are into small storage
    and yet view them raw etc

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    Default Re: Portable Storage - Travel

    I got a Nexto OTG harddisk to leech stuffs.
    No display to look at the picture. But so far not giving me issues ( yet )



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