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Thread: Can recommend a bag please?

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    okie! I didn't have the chance to go to TK yet but i'll do it soon!

    Thanks for all the recommendations guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSeet View Post
    I have an Olympus E510 with two lenses and a FL-50 flash. I'm trying to find a bag that can fit these items with the usual accessories like batteries and memory cards etc. I also travel a lot so I hope to get a bag that can fit into a cabin bag on an aircraft.

    Any recommendations please?

    Hi..I am E510 user too. I went HK with 2 lenses and flash plus the camera, everything inside a crumpler 7 million home. And I regretted my decision for buying the crumper bag.
    Cos if you sling the bag on one side, its gonna be heavy! And if you sling it across your is still heavy and bulky too.

    Last week managed to sell my bag to one nice chap in this forum and gotten another Tamrac Expedition 5 back pack from another nice chap here. Used it twice and I found its really great! You can secured a tripod at the bag and around 4 lenses depending on your configuration of it.

    Hope this helps.

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    It is always more comfortable to carry heavy equipment using a backpack than a messenger/shoulder bag. Your shoulder and posture will suffer if there is prolonged usage. However, do note that backpack seriously restricts the accessibility of your equipment and thus a backpack with belt that allows attaching of modules like the Think Tank Rotation 360 or Glass Taxi with Pro Speed Belt or a hybrid sling/backpack like Lowe Pro's Slingshot series may be good compromises.

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    THanks Skeletonman for the heads up! I was about to consider that bag because it looks nice and fits what I need! Now that you mentioned the practical aspect of it, i'll reconsider seriously!

    I'm looking at the Lowepro Omni Traveller now. Wonder if there's any complaints about it?

    Thanks Randius for your tip stoo!

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