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Thread: How do I become a writer?

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    Default How do I become a writer?

    Well technically, the thread should read "how do my friend become a writer". Asking on behalf of a very good friend (who doesn't surf the web a lot) who is about to leave the comfort zone of civil service to pursue his dream of being a writer and living a much less restrained life.

    He is very competent in both (written) Chinese and English, so he is perfectly capable of translation jobs. He ultimately hopes to write his own novels, plays or scripts, but is willing to work on any writing assignments that's around to earn a living from writing.

    He's in his early thirties and his current occupation (teacher) does not exactly empower him to seek employment or jobs for his dream. As his best friend, I'm also quite at a loss on how I can give him my support, other than the redundant words of encouragement and comfort. If anyone of you guys can help point me to the write direction, it would be fantastic. At least for a start. Any help is much (much) appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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