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Thread: the abandon house.

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    my first time posting a photo on clubsnap. the photo below is taken at an abandon house.
    i want honest feedback on how to improve on how to get the sort off creepy feeling in the picture and if you have any ideas on how i could improve on my skill, do tell me. the picture is un-edited. straight from cam. the picture is taken from a D40 and in M mode. visit my flickr for more of the abandon house photos in black and white series.

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    Hi Jai,

    I've not done 'hunted houses' and the like, so take my word only as you see fit.

    Personally, I think that 'creepy' has a lot more to do with perception, context and even contextural feel, rahther than just getting the composition and exposure correct. Sometimes, it means deliberately getting it wrong to heighten a particular feel or effect.

    Havbe a look at the 'King' of creep - Hollywood for inspiration. Select a few scenes that you though were pae\rticularly creepy, and figure a way to replicate that or take it as a starting point for your own work.

    Meanwhile, have a look a other photog's creep feel pix: (Somehow this one feels a little too beautiful, or not 'raw' enough to classify as 'creepy' for me, but others (in Western countries) have n\mentioned how they got really creeped out looking at the pix. This one's 'raw' in the technical sense aka Blair Witch Project. Technically flawed, but conveys a certain effect very well.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks dream merchant! =) the second pic gives me the creep. haha. ups for you!

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    Default Re: the abandon house.

    Nice to see such works on "Haunted" "Creepy" theme...
    Just tot of sharing something I have done some times back.

    Aint a great masterpiece... but just wondering if the picture might give u a creep or two?
    TS... dun mind if I "loan" ur thread to post a picture. Thanks!


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