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    Hi all,

    I took this picture of the waterfall in the National Zoo in Washington DC last month and thought I'd share it here with you guys. This is a man made waterfall inside the zoo and when I saw it, I thought it would make a good photographic spot. Personally, I am quite pleased with the results.

    Was trying to set a surreal mood and show off the beauty of the waterfall against a backdrop of plants and an extremely blue sky...

    The settings used were 1/320 F4 ISO100 using a D80 + 18-200VR

    Hope to get some comments on the overall mood and if this picture is good in your opinion. See the rest of the series in my flickr at

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    Looks like you've got a circular polariser there ? (At least that's what the sky colours tell me ? ) BTW, I like the colours!

    If would look even more dramatic if you could have increased the shutter time. To perhaps 1/2 second. That's when you get the water flowing effect you see in many waterfall picts.

    If want the flow to even more obvious, 2-4 second exposures would provide for that effect.

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    To improve the results, use a tripod, ND filter, small aperture like f16 or smaller, lowest ISO

    Capture the waterfall in long exposure or slow shutter speed will have nicer effect
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    Didnt have a tripod with me at that time... Could only afford to hand hold!

    I know that with ND filter and long shutter will give me a silky flowing effect but I was travelling light at the time...
    D700|24-70 f2.8|50mm f1.8|105VR f2.8 Micro|28-70 f3.5-4.5|SB600|SB800

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    ha.. lesson learnt.. dun miss out on a good photographic opportunities coz of unavailable equipment.. (maybe find some rocks or something as temporary tripod?!)

    like others have said.. ND with longer exposure will do the waterfall more justice..

    but again.. very sharp for handheld though =)

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    Sky is oversaturated IMO. Plant sticking out at the lower left is distracting. Could have been better if you had an ND filter and tripod.
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