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Thread: Which Shop 40D Cheaper

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    Halo, anybro or sis juz bought Canon 40D with kit II (17-85mm) recently? Care to share where n how much u bought and wat freebies does it come with.

    Planning to get the 40D with Kit II in 1 or 2 weeks time.....oso wic shop provide installment with 0% free.( Please state wic bank)

    Your info is deeply appreciated...........

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    Saw at AP-F UOB Promotion 0% installment

    Canon 40D with Kit II : $2899 (12months payment)
    Include : 2GB / 4GB / LCD Protector / UV Filter / Tripod / 30L cabin / bag
    (Brands of FOC items duno)

    Does the UOB Promo worth it?

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    Not sure about the price of a kit for the 40D but in terms of quality, service and probably the best price in Singapore, I would check out John 3:16 at Funan Mall. It's on the 5th level. I bought my 40D there with a Canon 1.8 50mm lens, for $2,000. If you get the 17-55 lens, it's a bit more. Don't think you would pay more than $2,200 for any kit. You also get a 2GB card and some other freebies. Good luck.

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    Bro..currently you haing wat lenses now??? I gotta start off with the kit coz i got nothing at the moment.....especially the Digi-Cabi n all rounder lens....

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    dude. u have been asking abt the 40D for the longest time already. just go n get it and have fun with the camera. u won't see any siginificant difference in prices. i got my kit ii almost 3 mths ago n it costs me around 2.5k. look at the price now. i don't see it falling.


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