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Thread: awww.. something really sweet happened...

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    yah yah, lottsa smoke, burbon, deafening house/tchno/ambient....thats life....hehehehehe!!!!

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    Originally posted by RuthBaby
    smokers are no aliens
    i've no prob with smokers, many of my friends are. My dad's a smoker too. Since e places allows smokers to smoke in that place. But i'm kinda allergic to smoke, even incense kind. Even if one's not allergic, it's still harmful and i wish that these ppl would be juz a lil' bit considerate and think for e ppl ard. But of cos... most ppl doesn't care.

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    Used to go pub and karaoke when working in Vietnam. Then come back to Civil Service, cut down by a lot. Then freelancing no time to club/pub. Now bone too old liao. At best go Alumni Town Club for a sip with frens once in a long long while... unlucky its a non-smoking place.....

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