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Thread: New Models Magazine Launch, 22nd Dec@Ruums, KL, Malaysia

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    Default New Models Magazine Launch, 22nd Dec@Ruums, KL, Malaysia

    Biggest Models Gathering Ever in Malaysia !!!

    From Leng Yein:
    Everyone , please buy ticket to support this project or else i'll be dead. Selling my puppy dog off just to continue doing this project for the girls .

    Venue : Ruums , KL
    Date : 22nd Dec
    Time : 7pm
    Surprises : For early birds, especially girls
    Show : Bikini & Lingerie parade by our
    models . Ambassador titles will be given out
    Featuring : All the pretty ladies who're lucky to be spotted by our scouting
    register counter will be featured in our upcoming second issue . Get there n get spotted ! good luck !

    7pm - Models , new faces scouting. Who ever got scouted will be called for the 50 new faces for second issue . Models will be shot and pictures of more than 100 girls will be in the second issue launching page ! hehe , this is the best i could do. More than ( i also dunno how many ) mediaSSS will be there to shoot u girls so dont be late coz i aint gonna wait my dear ( Ok , my darling Model frens n celebrity can enter for free but if u can support better lah *big big smile* )

    8pm - OK now , shooting stops . Call ur friends n ask them to come coz show is about to start. Settle down , chit chat , exchange numbers , ask for jobs from the other girls

    8.30pm - VIP bla bla bla whoever who have to be there , wanna be there ,
    forced to be there , is suppose to be here already

    9pm - I know it's boring but im gonna go on stage / podium talk crap for a bit
    thanking each n everyone of you .

    9.15pm - dont worry my crap aint gonna last for 15 minutes , im not ur mummy so not gonna nag . Lingerie parade by the girls ... pheweeett ! support support

    10pm - Im not good in timing so i guess more about this time we gonna gather ppl n take group pictures . OK FINISH ! Girls go around say hi to everyone ,
    drink , dance , club , smoke ! happy ending !

    Contact Leng Yein for more information
    Leng Yein:

    Official Website:


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    Default Re: New Models Magazine Launch, 22nd Dec@Ruums, KL, Malaysia

    All the best to Leng Yein tonight

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    Default Re: New Models Magazine Launch, 22nd Dec@Ruums, KL, Malaysia

    wah.. tonite arr at KL ?


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