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Thread: newbie shots at the skate park

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    Default newbie shots at the skate park

    sorry guys. the first time i posted here, i wasnt really in the know of how and
    what to put so let me try this one more time yeah? pardon me if i get it wrong again

    i was going for a picture in a bmx magazine kind of look where they do the bike stunts and the picture shows how the stunt is done in a frame by frame process but combined into one picture. ive tried to use photoshop to tweak the colours a bit here and there but im not sure how much i should adjust the hue/saturation, brightness and contrast to make the picture look better.

    im a newbie at photography so i dont really know much about all the technicalities but i hope i can get some constructive feedback on my work so that i can better improve my skills.
    e.g. if the colour is good, is the picture overexposed and anything else that ive missed.

    C&C please. thanks in advance

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    please read the rules of the critique corner. 1 picture per week.

    relax. if you want faster critique, you might consider putting it up in streets/candid or something.

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    Default Re: newbie shots at the skate park

    you've been informed of the posting guidelines, please follow them.

    thread closed.


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