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Thread: which lens I can use?

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    Default which lens I can use?

    Hi, I am a newbie to DSLR, I just got my Nikon D40x, and I want to buy a fixed lens such as 50mm, while, I know there is a limit scope of lens that can be used on d40x, who can tell me which one i can buy? thx.

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    limit scope?

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    Default Re: which lens I can use?

    The scope is 50mm of course, d40 is able to support it anyway.

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    Default Re: which lens I can use?

    Basically, you can use almost all the newer lenses with all metering functions supported. Only problem is you lose the AF ability with non AF-S lenses.

    There are no short prime lenses with AF-S, the only one short enough would be the 105VR macro anyway.

    So it's either you learn how to MF with the other primes or look for a different camera body which allows AF on those lenses. D80 perhaps.
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    Default Re: which lens I can use?

    for AF operation you will need a lens with AF-S
    so just look at the name and if there is no AF-S then cannot auto focus


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