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    Quote Originally Posted by sammy888 View Post
    Hypothetically speaking only okay..can I know what be your and others reaction to this.

    What if the girl being assualted was your girlfriend, sister, mother or even a male family member? Would you also reason it out with yourself that better one family member then two get beaten up so you should avoid pyhsical means to prevent it and just let him beat the victim up?

    Or if you did have the inclination to come to their aid only because she/he is "family" then you would risk life and limb to prevent, save or protect?

    There is really, morally speaking, nothing wrong with taking or not taking action here as we all have to make up our own mind and answer to ourselves for it in a tense heat of the moment situation. But I just want your comment on this.
    so subjective this subject. so far i have never been in such a situation of a violent assault. but if push come to shove den i will try put a stop to it (i not some black-belt martial arts holder).

    unfortunately most assaults on the weak (psychical or psychological) happen when there is a window of opportunity. when the chance of help in any form is not present. even a class bully knows how & when to bully weaker peers in class.

    lets say i am the oni 1 in a park & sighted a guy dragging a comatose lady into the bushes then the situation & course of action is clear- which is to help. situational awareness, where i am at would greatly infuence or limit my options. its less reassuring if i kno help (SPF or SD) is a long way away, rather than speedy. at best i can be the accidental hero, at worst end up dead.

    should reporters, newsperson & photographers by profession do more than report & post vids & pics for the masses? should they also lend a helping hand at the same time rather than documenting? r they really helping or hindering aid? like locals going to neighbouring countries to build rural communities.
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