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    hi all... i have a problem and i would like to know who experienced it before and how do i solve it...

    i was using a makeshift diffuser on my SB600... which was a piece of tissue. i placed it right before the flash and used it to take a couple of continuous shots. during the shots, i heard a soft clap sound from my flash, assuming there was nothing wrong, i continued taking... till i took off the 'diffuser' and to my horror, the wide flash adapter suffered some burns. i knew that it was because the continuous flashing and the 'diffuser' made the adapter heat up quickly and thus the burns....

    any way to solve it other than bring it for servicing


    will it affect the performance of the flash in the future if i dont clean it?
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    If it's just the makeshift diffuser adapter that got burnt, you could just remove it and wipe the unit clean. However, it might not be a good idea to continue using that combination since it can burn so easily.

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    continous flashing is suicide for flash.


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