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Thread: Digicabi DB-036 30L spoilt

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    Mine is working perfectly. I left it at 12 O clock position and my RH level is around 40-50%. If it goes below 45%, I'll just open the cabinet for a second and close it back in.. Don't want all the lubricant in my equipment to dry up..XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by redline15 View Post
    Just wondering if aircon will affect it since I use the aircon at night.
    Aircon will affect it. Contrary to what others wrote, there is no regulation whatsoever (there isn't even a humidity sensor). The knob merely adjusts the power to the Peltier element. The temperature and humidity in the dry cabinet will depend greatly on environmental factors, as well on what/how much you put into it.

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    My DigiCabi, bought less than a month, now no more red and green lights!!! Do they do onsite servicing or must go down to Tagore? Where got time to go down? So troublesome if it is really spoilt. Anyway seems like there are quite a few of us with spoilt DigiCabi.

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