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Thread: Need advices on rollerblades

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    Default Re: Need advices on rollerblades

    Quote Originally Posted by Paranoia08 View Post
    Hi Bros,

    I'm rather new to rollerblades and will like to get advices from you guys.
    When I went asking around, people recommended me K2.

    Please advice me on;

    1) What are the recommended brands to get?
    2) Where can I find shops carrying these brands? (Went into so many shops, but don't see any K2 around)
    3) How to choose blades? (eg. Wheels, Size/Fittings, etc...)

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much!!!

    K2 is good... suitable for local and asian... I own 1 K2 moto skates and used to own Solomon as well... both are good but K2 fit me better.

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    Default Re: Need advices on rollerblades

    I have gotten myself a pair of inline skates months ago but dreaded having to carry it by either a shoulder strap or shoulder bag customized for skates. What are some of the recommended models of backpacks that can carry a pair of skates while maintaining a small and thin profile?

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    Default Re: Need advices on rollerblades

    I haven't skated for quite a while. Anyone wants to have a CS skaters gathering?

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