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Thread: how to add text on pix ... ???

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    Default how to add text on pix ... ???

    Hi ,
    How to add text on pix ? Like a copyright tingy .... need to do that on a bunch of pix ... thx .

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    Default Re: how to add text on pix ... ???

    you can record an action on photoshop
    or open up the pic in photoshop,add a layer on top and add your text
    I think there're other imaging programs that helps you do that too
    But i usually use PS to do that
    Paint can do that too

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    Default Re: how to add text on pix ... ???

    I would suggest that you save your text as a brush. From there, you can paint over your image at any location you like and with whatever colour you like....

    There should be some tutorials on how to do this on the web.
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