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    Smile Newbie HuA

    Hi all,

    I am new here and just wanna say hi to all of you. Hope to learn alot from you guys out here. I just bought a D80 and am still trying to figure out how to use it properly.

    Any advise you guys have will be greatly appreciated. Anyway i will be very free from 20 Dec to 05 Jan, so if any kind soul wanna mentor me, i will greatly appreciate it too.

    Have a nice day everyone.


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    Hi there HuA

    Mentoring on the subject of photography, people might not mind. But I think it is a basic responsibility for a camera owner to get to know the camera first by reading the manual. Learn at least how to navigate through the menus and adjust basic things like aperture, shutter speed, iso, white balance. Once again, read the manual first. Then fiddle around and do some test shots using different settings.
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    Welcome to CLubsnap...

    do read up more on the various features and functions first. Tat way, it'll be better for you to learn.
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    Hey Hi Hua welcome to Clubsnap! You may want to try improve your composition and angles first by shooting a lot, while practicing on the settings, etc. D80 is a fairly simple system to master, goodluck.

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    Welcome to ClubSnap

    Go thru the camera manual and try all features. Dun understand the feature, you can post the doubt here.
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    Welcome to CS.
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    hello welcome to clubsnap.. =)

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    Hi dreamzcape, am reading the manual like a bible since i got it on Mon. Thanks for ur advice. Will study in detail.

    Hi all, had been snapping photos alot around my neighbourhood already. When i get a good shot, will post up here for comments.... Currently, all my photos cannot make it.......(-__-)"


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    no problem once you're more or less versed with the camera controls, you perhaps can see what basic rules of photography to read up on, things the 1/focal length rule, sunny 16, guidelines on composition etc. once you feel comfortable enough, you might try posting on the critique thread for people to dissect your photo and when you do so, keep an open mind to the criticism and take it constructively coz at times, people can be brutally honest.

    enjoy your camera and happy snapping!
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