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Thread: i need info on starhub max online 1500

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    Default i need info on starhub max online 1500

    anyone know anything abt STARHUB MAX ONLINE 1500

    heard that the maxline is a shared thiing

    so is it slower than a 500kbps connection offered by pac net or singnet?

    is it faster than ttttttthe 256 kbps connection from Singnet?

    if it is shared how do u know if it is faster r slower unless u tried bother service b4?

    people who comment pls State if u used two diff service b4, thanks

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    I use Singnet in office and SCV(starhub) at home.

    The impression I get is that office is faster and home is slower. But it could be due to different parts of the day (day=singnet, night=SCV)

    There is one more point to note though. Singnet gives you a pop mail account, ie, an email account you can use email programs like outlook express, eudora, etc. and you they will give you an email address like . SCV Starhub does not give you a pop account. That means you have to use web based email services like hotmail and yahoo.

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    They have MaxOnline 3000 (3mbps) now. You may want to take a look if you have a few people sharing your connection at home.
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