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Thread: Advice for Genting Trip

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    Default Advice for Genting Trip

    Hi guys...

    I will be going up to genting this weekend and was wondering will there be any problems bringing my digital camera up?
    Issues like condensation, batteries blah blah blah.....

    Any recomendation for some great views from atop?

    Thanks in advance

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    wake up early to catch the "yun hai" sea....
    can c gunung tahan on clear dae........

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    Looks like I can't catch the cloud sea cos accomodation is in KL, will only be making a day trip up the highlands first thing in the morning.

    I think the first bus leaves puduraya station at only 8am

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    Not sure what kind of batteries your camera is using. Alkaline and NiMH batteries are normally ok at Genting's temperature - we are not talking about sub zero temperatures here (if your camera is using AA batteries and you are kiasu and have money to burn, you can use Lithium, but it's really not needed). Condensation will normally occur only when you get from outdoor to indoor or vice versa when there is a sudden change in temperature and humidity. Keep the camera in your backpack and away from moisture, let the camera cold down/warm up naturally and you would be ok.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your trip. Don't forget to share your pix.

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    Should not be a problem at all. Brought my DC there last December and stayed for 3 nights. Moreso it was a very wet season.

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    I'm using Lithium Ion batts. good to hear tat there won't be any prob.

    Hope to capture some nice shot .. fingers crossed


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