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Thread: Nokia 6610 vs 7250

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    Question Nokia 6610 vs 7250

    Contemplating a change of my handset.
    But couldn't make up my mind which to have.
    Either 6610 or 7250.

    There's a new set 6220 to be released in 3rd quarter of the yr, would be a tad too late to wait till then before i can start enjoying MMS.

    So, hope to see some comments on the plus and minus of 6610 and 7250.

    Thank you.

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    Geez....i must be really unpopular here.
    Every thread in kopitiam has at least 1 reply from other than the thread starter. Mine's got nothing at all.


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    Well, the differences are mainly that the 7250 has a camera (not that it is really that powerful), and the outlook and feel of the phone. Other than that, it is more or less the same .... oh yes, another difference is price

    I guess you have to ask yourself, which phone you prefer in appearance. Go to the shops and hold the phone in your hand. Try SMS-ing and see which gives you a better feel of the buttons and is easier to use.

    Finally, see which one your pocket is able to accomodate ....

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    I've used the 6610 before my 7250. I like the 7250 better, the buttons are easier to press altho' the camera is just an add on extra. Battery life can be a little poorer for the 7250 depending on how often you engage the cam. But the cam is useful for the occasional candid snaps that you would like to have, though the quality is nothing to shout about.

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    have been using a 5100 for 2 weeks. The screen reso, sharpness and brightness beats BOTH the 6610 and the 6100 with a big stick. You will need to see it for yourself, one of the best colour LCD I have seen.

    I choosed the 5100, even though I was an inch away from the 6100 because of its hardiness. It takes abuse.

    The main gripe you may have is how it looks, and its uncomely shape, but this phone is excellent if you are an outdoor type, if you are careless with your phone (drops, water splash etc.) and it comes with all the functions on the 6610 and the 6100.

    BUT, I do not know much about the 7250. Just want to tell you if you want sharpness and brightness, both the 6610 and the 6100 is not there.

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    Default Helps a lot

    Thanx retro, BeamsVVTi and fruitybix for replying.

    Really appreciate it.

    Your comments are really helpful to me.

    Thanx again.


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