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    Taken this in the car during a heavy rain

    I am a newbie in DSLR. Hope you guys can guide me. Thank you in advance.

    I am wondering how come my pic is rather small. How do I make it bigger?

    Camera: Olympus E510
    I am trying to bring out the rain on the window rather than the moving scenery. Also trying to test out how clear the picture will turn out to be. With IS on, I am able to take the shot while the car is moving.

    Do give me some feedbacks so that I can improve.
    1) Is this shot consider a good shot?
    2) What am I supposed to look out for?
    3) What makes a good picture?

    Thank you.
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    you've linked the thumbnail instead of the image, that's why it appeared small. you have to click on the small green-brown icon at the right side of the thumbnail link to be able to see the other links.

    btw please include a proper writeup for your picture as per guidelines


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    No comments at all?

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    I think you did not shoot the glass "straight-on", so in the bottom right corner the rain drops are out of focus.

    Perhaps you could try an image with the rain drops in sharp focus, and the blur background showing something which is easily identifiable ( I think I see HDB blocks..) or perhaps with a background where the colors are more harmonious.

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    agree with above
    see this example
    My Flickr
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    Thank you for the comments. Will try harder.

    First DSLR. stil need to learn more. Hard to take as the car was moving.


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