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    Yesterday i was shooting halfway and it rained heavily,i was using Sigma 70-300mm and some rain got onto it...went home and tried wiping it,even tried air blowing with a dryer.tried the lens and still works as per normal,problem is...will my lens get fungus easily in future? and will getting a dry cabinet helpout?

    Just a penny of my newbie thoughts,thanks!

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    Some water droplets will not harm your lens.

    If u r talking about soaking wet then it is a major prob.

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    Ok, here is what you should do.
    • Wipe your lens throughly with a clean, dry cloth.
    • Leave it outside (on a table) in room temperature for a day to remove any condensation.
    • Store your lens in a dry cabinet as per normal.
    PS: Using a hair dryer is not advisable especially on a Sigma lens. Reason is the dry heat may cause the synthetic vinyl coating on your lens to deteriorate.
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    thanks for all te advice!
    hope to learn more from you guys in future

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    bring a small microfiber cloth (can get from petrol mart) and use it to cover your camera should it rain suddenly... it will help to your camera dry
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    ah go to be carefull ... its rainning everyday. i keep a super small unbrella in my camera bag Lol
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    Thanks for all the advice!


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