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Thread: Comparison between SONY T2, T200 AND T70

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    Default Comparison between SONY T2, T200 AND T70

    Hi all, I'm an amateur towards photography and would like to ask you guys some questions regarding SONY CYBERSHOT T2, T200 and T70, placing them in order of the best to the worst and why one is better than the other. Couldn't decide between these models, thus would like to seek you guys to shed some light, thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Comparison between SONY T2, T200 AND T70

    You might wanna read here:

    Personally, I would get the T200. The T2 is nice because it has 4GB of memory built-in, but I find the cover mechanism very fidgety. It's hard to open with one hand. The T70 is basically a budget T200. Less zoom, etc.

    I suggest you go to a Sony Gallery and test them all for yourself. See which one is the most comfortable to use.


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