Dear ALL,
i would like to change the volume pot of the front and rear passive pickups as well as the tone control of my passive bass guitar. They are getting stiff to turn.

The value of the older three pots were 500k. Is it ok to use other value? i recently went Sim Lim Tower and saw some that starts from 50ohm or was it 500ohm. i read that for pre-amp and power amp matching, at certain impedance value, there may be an effect as if it produce a "louder" volume. i was told also there's the carbon type?, and also the ones where a series of resistors are configured so that the pot works by click-stops.

i also saw a capacitor across the tone pot. i've not read the value on the capacitor. i may just follow it. Any particular type of caps or brand? i came across some "hifi" caps like Auricap or Murdoch and the Alps pot or something?