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Thread: SD Corrupted, Need Help!!

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    Hi, my SD card (2GB) used on D80 has been corrupted last night When I shoot in halfway the shot image cannot write into the SD card. When I view my shot image from D80, the camare said "No data for image .... " and only display a red cross to show no image display

    I try to read my image (NEF files) from the SD card to my PC, I only can read 177 NEF files and other files (another 22 NEF files) had been return with an error message and data transfer has terminated

    Any SD repair can solve the problem? Please help, TQ.

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    in Windows, in My Computer, right click on ur SD card, select properties. under tools, select "check now". it shld run some scan disk apps

    did that once.. not sure if that would help you
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    Thanks, problem has been solved with CardRecovery but still not able to repair all files. Only 80%++ files had been recovered. Anyway, it is still lucky right?


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