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    Hi all,
    I'm new and this is my fist posting for advice on how to improve my skill. I toke the family to the Zoo yesterday only to be caught in between two storms. This picture was taken shortly after 2 hours of rain only to witness another storm building up. Hope to have feedback on composition and photography techniques. I composed the picture this way show the calm before storm but also to have the feel of helplessness before the storm.

    I have resized and adjust the brightness level down a little but no cropping of the picture. Picture was taken with 300D, 50mm f1.8 lens, aperture f8, shutter 1/800, ISO800, WB auto.
    Like to have advice on what should be the setting and how to process it to bring out the picture better. Thanks.

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    Try increasing the contrast and make it look more menacing...

    as it is, there's nothing special to it. Just a dark tree and some dark skies.
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    Thanks Zac08. It does look kind of boring after you mentioned it. Will practise and shoot more to improve.

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    I don't see a storm building up.

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    had i were you, i would decrease the ISO setting. And following wat you said abt storms come rolling in soon. The timing would be perfect to capture some powerful shots.
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    Zoom in more, get rid of the trees, very distracting! More to the sky and the storm.

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    This is my 3rd look at the picture. My first impression of the picture was that I could not see a storm brewing. My 3rd look is pretty much the same. I could not detect any sense of the building up of a storm. Sorry....

    You said you wanted to "composed the picture this way show the calm before storm but also to have the feel of helplessness before the storm."

    My question is---how to portray 'calm before a storm' or 'impending helplessness'. I have attempted something like that before but not succeeded. I think it is a very difficult subject/theme.

    But do not give up. Problem is not with picture, but with how do one convey a sense of the storm in a visual image. Some have done it successfully with close-up images of palm leaves lashing in the rain, or trees swaying to breaking point.


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