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Thread: Help Required, Polarizer Problem.

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    Hi, I was on my way out of a village in Chiang Mai when suddenly, my polarizer just flopped out of my lens without me banging into anything.

    Apparently one of the thin metal rings broke, and the polarizer is now in two pieces, three if you include the ring. It isn't that serious from the looks of it, the glass elements are still intact and all, so I was wondering if any of you had this problem before, and more importantly, how to get it fixed. Thanks in advance!

    Here's the photograph of the polarizer.

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    The thin metal "ring" isn't broken. It's a spring that clips into the filter mount and holds the glass in place.

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    Wahlao Deja vu. Mine (hoya) gone plonked in one of the lake in Jiu Jia Guo 2 years ago. The "broken" ring is actually the one keeping it together so fix the 2 part and see if you notice a thin gap where you can insert that "broken" ring. Insert, use a bit force to bend and it in, once snapped in, it acts similar to a spring and hold the 2 parts together. Not sure if this helps.
    If you ever clean the bearing of rollerblade (servicable bearing - more expensive brand lah, not the $50-100 one you buy from supermarket), it is very similar.

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    You can re-insert it yourself. Just put whatever elements back in place, then place the spring steel ring downwards into the inner edge of the filter with the humped curve facing outwards (might work the other way round as well, so just try and see what works), restrain one end with your finger and carefully use your fingers to 'squeeze' that ring in till it kinda 'snaps' into place.

    Test by holding the filter securely in one hand and 'bang' it forcefully into the heel of your palm with the other. If it springs out again, reinsert the other way. If everything works, then wipr the surfaces clean. TAA-DAA!

    Eh, avoid temptation to use 'instruments' instead of your finger because you're scared of dirty the surface. It's far easier to end up getting scratched or damaged if you use hard instruments to forcefully insert that springy thing.

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    Hi all, thanks for your help! Problem solved, or so i think. Hope it stays this way


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