Not Just The Classics
Performances | Films | Interactive Learning
In conjunction with the Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre exhibition

Venue National Museum of Singapore
Date FRI 22 Feb 2008 – SUN 16 Mar 2008

One of the greatest legacies of the classical Greek period is the tradition of theatre and performance that came to define our understanding of the contours of Western performance, in particular the conceptions of the tragic and comedic as well as the ideals of masculine and feminine beauty. Contemporary performance and film are however, less constrained by the classical ideals and in particular relish challenging these inherited categories, often mixing up, erasing, amplifying and even adding wholly new ideas out of the blue. Not Just the Classics is a performance and film programme accompanying the exhibition, Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre. Surprises include a dance where the movements are led by a prop, namely gigantic shoes; an epic drama with lots of clever sexy dialogue and eye movements; and a surrealistic film adaptation of the Orpheus myth featuring a leather-clad motorcycle gang.

While We Were Holding It Together
By Ivana Müller (Netherlands)
Genre: Theatre
22 Feb 2008 - 24 Feb 2008
Gallery Theatre, Basement

This moving, poetic and genuinely funny performance proves that a drama of epic proportions can be created with the most economical of means. In While We Were Holding It Together, Ivana Müller makes the audience her willing accomplice and collaborator in creating an endless stream of images and stories. Five actors accomplish the impossible task of holding a tableau vivant for an hour, each in a different pose suggesting a possible story. When the lights come on, it starts with one of them saying “I imagine we’re a rock band on tour”, another says “I imagine myself being a commander of a special military unit,” yet another asserts “I imagine I am a masseur in Bangkok”… Misunderstandings and surprising connections between the characters arise due to the changing relationships between the dialogue and the adopted pose of the actors. Through its ingenious text and the most innovative use of eye movements, the performance explores the notions of self-invention and story-telling in the theatre.

Ivana Müller is a performance artist, choreographer and theatre director. In her artistic work she develops performative concepts that use twists in perception or logic as a starting point, creating pieces that are poetic and scientific, philosophical and humorous, intimate and political at the same time. Most of her work is made for theatres, although she also creates installations for galleries and museums or publishes texts. Ivana Müller’s work has been shown in most of the European countries and lately in the US.

By Aydin Teker (Turkey)
Genre: Dance
14 Mar 2008 - 16 Mar 2008
Gallery Theatre, Basement

Shoes take centre stage in aKabi. Working with a shoe-maker from Istanbul, Aydin Teker squeezes her dancers into platform shoes of astounding design and height. High and heavy, resembling the hooves of animals, the shoes are a monstrous bodily addition, transforming the dancers’ bodies into new hybrid forms. As they struggle to balance and move with their new extensions, seemingly tottering on the edge of disaster, a new vision of beauty emerges out of their risk-taking. With aKabi, Aydin Teker challenges the conventional ideal of “beauty,” pushing her dancers beyond the classical notion of harmonious compositions and fleet-footed movements.

Developed over two and half years, aKabi is an exhilarating and stunning vision of the new possibilities of the body. Aydin Teker has been a leading light of the Turkish dance scene for decades. Her choreographies and site-specific works has been shown in many countries. Among these, Density got a special award at the 22. Zurich Theaterspektakel, and her latest creation, aKabi, has been acclaimed in many renowned festivals.

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