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Thread: add-ons lens & batt

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    Default add-ons lens & batt

    I've just brought the A70, & has a couple of qns.

    Batt -
    I was wondering what type (NIMH or lit) of rechargable batt i should purchase for the a70.

    Lens -
    I'd like to do closeup shot. Thus I'll need a lens adapter (LA DC 52C Conversion Lens Adaptor frm canon webby) then a filter? Or?

    Juz a normal lens will do, no need for the pro type coz i want to get the hang of it then as i attain certain skills then consider a upgrade

    What lens/filter should i get? Theres 1 thing I hope to clarify, lens & filter refers to the same thing?

    Tripod -
    I'd like to buy the U6600 for a70. Any feedback or neg respond? Or should i get some other trippod?

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    Hi, the A70 is a good buy..

    Starters, forget about this or that converter, lens, filters, and stuff. Focus first on accessories that will "Power up" your camera.

    Go for the NIMH rechargeables. the Sanyo 2100MAH batteries are cheap, and last long. Check it out from this guy "EastGear" (do search on the "Members" )

    He also provide the charger, check with him what he has got, but do not necessary need to get the best and the most expensive.

    You will need memory cards as well, and these are cheap, a 128MB Ridata for $70 at Alan Photo, or the 256 MB for about $130. You could store some serious stuff on the latter card.

    Work the buttons on the camera, play with them when you are watching TV, get used to the functions, read about stuff like "Aperture priority", "Shutter Priority", "Program", and "Manual". Know your cam. These info can be had from the manual, as well as from the tons of resources on the internet.

    Theeeen you can start to think about add-ons.

    Most importantly, have fun, because that is what it's really all about!

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    Oh, as for tripod, go cheap. you could spend lots on a good tripod, but starters, the Slik you mentioned is OK.

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    aaahhh, thank you for the advice. it never came across my mind.

    I suppose im able to get the batt & charger frm 'EastGear'?

    Ok, i'll check him out.

    Thanks, once again

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    lots of cheap and good second hand tripod on buy and sell. can get for ard 30-40. just sold my slik u8000 for $35

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    Default Battery and tripod and extra memory

    I believe u can invest in rechargeable batt, get a cheap and good tripod for night shot, and most important extra memory (u will run out sooner than u expect). Hmmm invest in a good bag to store your equipment. THen once u settle in with your A70, invest in those tele, wide and macro thingy

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    NIMH, as fruitybix mentioned, the Sanyo 2100MAH batteries are good. Should be able to last you around 400 shots minimum.
    Eastgear is doing a Mass Order, $12 for a set of 4. The Ripvan Smart Charger in his mass order is also good and cheap too.

    The original Lens Adaptor from Canon that you mentioned costs about $35, and it's made of plastic. There are OEM ones at $20+ that are made of metal and are more sturdy. But I think OEM ones are not available in the market yet.

    You need the lens adaptor to fix on anyother lens and/or filters to your camera.
    You might want to consider to get a normal UV filter first to protect your lens. ( Hoya HMC 52mm around $15 new )

    Since you like to do closeup shots, closeup +2, +3, +4 filters will be good. Higher number will reduce the minimum focusing distance for a good focus. Maybe you can get 1 to tryout first or you can try without any but set MACRO Mode in your camera.

    Hoya or Tokina filters are good and cheap. (Hoya +4 52mm around $14 new) The 52mm ones will work with your 52mm lens adaptor.

    The SLIK U6600 will be sufficient to hold your A70 with some accessories. It's able to support up to 1.5KG and weighs 1.1kg. New one costs about $35 I think.

    You need a good pouch or bag to contain the stuffs too. Lowepro will be a good choice. Costs around $10 to $30 for a small-medium sized one.

    And yups, 256MB CF will be able to get you 270 pictures with resolution set at 3MP and compression set to FINE.

    That's all for now.
    Newbie too, using A40

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    to me!!
    check your PM
    Originally posted by dehuis
    lots of cheap and good second hand tripod on buy and sell. can get for ard 30-40. just sold my slik u8000 for $35


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