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Thread: Best Telephoto Lens in the $250 range? (For Canon EF Mount)

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    Default Best Telephoto Lens in the $250 range? (For Canon EF Mount)

    Could you guys recommend the best telephoto lens in the SGD $260 range? Probably going to buy a used lens.

    If its third party, its ok with me as long as the quality is better than if I spent my money on a canon.

    Something to complement my 24-85mm Canon would be nice.

    and oh..I'm using this with a D30.

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    a second hand canon 75-300 III USM or a tamron 70-300 LD marco

    the canon one can be found quite easily second hand

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    How bout the 70-210mm f3.5-4.5 USM?

    dunno if it falls within the budget though...

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    Default Decent priced tele for $250

    How about the old old Canon 70-210mm F4? It's a push-pull design but the advantage is the constant F4 and the lens is really quite sharp. I got mine 2nd hand for $250 from the Camera Workshop and am VERY happy with it...


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