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    Photo was taken during a weekend trip to Segamat. There's really nothing special about the temple itself. Just looking for some C&C on photo taking and post processing technics.

    Exposure time - 0.8s
    F number - f/5
    ISO 80
    Focal Length - 22mm
    Tripod mounted and 2s timer

    Any additional criticism are welcome....

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    Umm, what crop ratio is the photo crop? or is it still at 2:3?
    sorry i cant really tell but it looks like 4:5

    I feel a longer vertical will be better. Firstly the overblown highlight is very attention grabbing, it kinds of spoils the mood of the long exposure shot as well.

    It would be alright if you include the ground to show the height of the building and some people walking which might be silhouetted or in blurred motions.

    basically, shift your composition downwards, include lesser sky, include more ground and people to show the temple for its purpose - a place of worship

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    HI Sprintist,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I do agree on the blown highlights. How do you avoid that?

    WRT cropping ratio, I did not use any rotio... freestyle cropping, I guess

    Below is the orginal phot taken. Feel free to PP.... if you have time spare.



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