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Thread: Professional photography charges by day?

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    Default Professional photography charges by day?

    May I know how much is the cost for such shoots? The location would be at a university and models would be provided by the school. A total of 2 days is needed.
    How much should I quote my client?
    Appreciate any helps... =)

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    Default Re: Professional photography charges by day?

    What are the photos being used for?

    Probably charge $1000+ for each full day, especially if its for their ad campaign. Depends how good and experienced you are too, the more you are the more you should charge for your skill and expertise.

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    Default Re: Professional photography charges by day?

    Thank you very much for the info. But I don't know how to take such professional shots. So I'm looking to hire people to shoot instead. So I should post in this sub forum to look for people?

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    Default Re: Professional photography charges by day?

    if you are looking at shooting for a specific purpose, it is better to find out how much money is available, then look around for a photographer who is willing to fit the budget on what is required... some photographers are willing to work around a budget... or what you can do is ask a few studios to give you a quote and take an estimate from there...

    but what are the requirements for the images, in terms of rights of the images, number of images, duration of usage, media to be used in... employing a photographer by day may not be the best option, depending on requirements... might be better to contract for a certain number of shots instead...


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