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Thread: Do you feel irritated by askers?

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    It is a pleasure helping ..
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    Was at the Merlion with my other half once when this couple approached us and ask if I can help them take a picture with the Merlion.

    I did that and they asked if we would like to have our pictures taken. They are willing to take our pictures for us.

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    Default Re: Do you feel irritated by askers?

    No problem at all, some time I even offer to help them when I see them in need..

    of course not when I'm on the job. but like during weddings, I also joke with them the 1st shot is free, the rest is chargeable, so they won't be bothering me to often.
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    there was one time when one girl came and asked me to help her change film !
    but i never did that before, i only shoot digital haha

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    I was on a tour bus in Sydney, the bus stopped at various scenic points. This couple kept asking to take pictures for them even instructed how to place them right in the centre but cannot block the scenes, then want to retake because the scenic spots were blocked by themselves (then dont stand in centre right?), like their own personal photographer. Everybody has that limited 5/10 minutes, also need to take their own pictures. & I was only carrying a point & shoot. i wasnt interested in taking photos of myself but I wanted to take the beautiful scenaries. Next few stops I stayed far away from this couple so they went to bother some other tourists.

    Then once I was inside the MRT dozing off, some tourists woke me up to take photo of them inside the train.

    I'm usually keen to help other people take pictures provided I'm not in a hurry otherwise.

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    I really don't mind helping some tourists or even locals to snap some photos. I was on a cruise recently, and was approached by an Indian woman to help her take some photographs. Ended up I took half a dozen shots, all with different angles etc - as directed! But well, it's a PnS, how difficult could that be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Social View Post
    Have you been asked by tourist or other people to help them take their picture before because they saw your gear? Ive experienced this tonnes of times, the record was 5 people in a row, all visitors when I was taking the merlion. The first few is okay, but after awhile i start to get really irritated.

    Another irritating thing is when the photo you take doesn't meet their requirements and they have that kinda look when they see the photo .

    What are your views?

    i'd love to take photos for these people! then i have different nationalities faces on my portfolio

    haha maybe cus i like to take photos of people.. and often people whom i know always run away when they see me with my cameras..

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    The irritated ones are the people who asked me to take for them as I think my shots of them are far worse than what they'd expect based on the gear I carry.
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    Looks like im not the only one hmm ya maybe this is a great point, ask them to come nearer so that u can include them and the background! Thanks! Yea people getting irritated by thinking low of u just bec u couldn't meet their expectations seems kinda often. Then again there are many people would ask u to take their photo as if theyre paying u . Anyone felt hostility wearing the gear? I mean there was this once on a trip overseas, the tour group has a photographer by the tour agency (he expects u to buy his photos) and after he saw my camera, I could tell he wasn't that happy for the whole trip.....
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    Next time just say, "Sure! I'd love to take a pic for u. $2 per picture. "


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    From memory, only girls ask.

    Or maybe those are the memorable experiences.
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    Standard charge is $6 plus print and mail it to them Couples, groups, buddies(guys), all have before :X

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